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The 606 beckons to residents of new luxury Bucktown apartment building

Multiple bids, multiyear contracts, alternative providers

As summer comes to a close, community associations consider budgets

Home decorators often recommend painting the front door a stimulating color like red or turquoise. If you live in a condominium or town home, check with your homeowners association first. Most associations have rules about the changes that can be made to the property — even inside the units. It s.

Many condominium associations have found their pet bans have no teeth. That s because an increasing number of residents are requesting permission to keep assistance animals due to physical or mental disability. Associations have little choice but to grant the exceptions. The trend is frustrating.

Many former manufacturing buildings west of the Chicago River have been converted into residential spaces with the rugged architectural details of their former lives intact. At Kenect Chicago — a new apartment community that opened in October — those details were intentionally built in. Roam the.

Community associations are hives of activity during the summer months. Residents, their guests and sometimes animal companions are out and about, enjoying the warm sunshine and recreational amenities. It s also a busy season for boards and managers who strive to keep people and property safe while.

Special assessments are a tough sell. Condominium boards have the authority to levy these add-on fees, but disgruntled owners potentially can overturn or at least stall them. Don t let it get that far. There are two primary components to passing a special assessment with the least amount of headache.

Oak Park, the nearest suburb west of Chicago, is well-regarded for its diverse and historically significant architecture. Most prominent is the collection of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed and built homes, including his own in 1889. Tree-lined streets and a thriving downtown also rank among the village s.

In the language of community associations, the words special assessment are among the most heated. No one enjoys being commanded to come up with extra money, but few associations can avoid the occasional levy. A special assessment is an amount owners must pay in addition to their regular monthly.

A condominium association enters into myriad negotiations for goods and services. Sometimes the best deal is to sell itself. That is, to sell the entire property to an investor or multifamily developer who will turn the condo units into apartment rentals. The process is known as a bulk sale or.

Residents at Exhibit on Superior need not travel very far to hear live music. They don t even have to leave the building. The new rental community has its own musician-in-residence, Jeremy Gentry, who provides hours of weekly entertainment. The musician-in-residence program is designed to enhance.

A condominium sale easily generates hundreds of pages of association documents, and each one costs money. Who pays varies, but buyers frequently get stuck with the bill. I ve seen document fees run into four figures, says Sara Benson, principal managing broker at Benson Stanley Realty and president.

Community association law is extensive and sometimes quirky, and lawyers are expensive. Attendees at the recent 2017 spring conference of the Association of Condominium, Townhouse and Homeowners Associations had the opportunity to meet with attorneys who specialize in association matters. Two such.

When Logan Square was settled in the early 1800s, most of its residents were working-class English and Scandinavians. The population grew increasingly diverse through the decades but retained its homespun roots. That was then. Now the Northwest Side neighborhood has undergone a development boom.

Disasters are rare enough that most people never encounter one. But sometimes they do. In community associations, the impact of disasters like fire, flood and hail is intensified because residents live in proximity. More people are likely to be affected than when a single-family home is damaged.

In the best of times, boards, managers and owners work together to create stable, harmonious community associations. Each group has specific tasks defined by contract or governing document. Curious about who s on the hook for what? Here s a breakdown of the division of labor. Whose job is it to.

In 2014, Family Circle magazine named west suburban Elmhurst one of its 10 Best Towns for Families. The recognition is based in part on quality schools, affordable housing, green space and access to health care. But you don t need a stroller or PTA membership to enjoy this suburb s charms. Elmhurst.

When a community association manager needed to know how badly the property s gutters were clogged, Nik Clark had a solution. He launched an unmanned aircraft system, otherwise known as a drone. It flew above the building s roofline, and Clark and the manager viewed aerial imagery on his smartphone.

It takes a village to run a community association. This village typically is composed of an elected board and its officers, unit owners, perhaps a few committees and a hired manager. Each one has roles to play and responsibilities to carry out for the good of the association. Some roles and responsibilities.

Call to mind residential communities downtown and on the Near North Side and you ll likely imagine towering high-rises tucked between Michigan Avenue and Navy Pier. But Sienna is a new luxury apartment building that runs horizontally rather than vertically. It s got 50 units on six stories — seven.

As spring weather approaches, big-ticket construction and repairs are coming up at many community associations. So is taking out a loan to pay for them. If associations qualify, that is. Associations will be denied if their finances are in disarray. Until they rectify the situation, the roofs will.

While trees and plants may be dormant in winter, landscaping concerns never sleep. For community associations with trees and turf, the yearly landscaping contract starts around April 1, but outdoor environments shouldn t be ignored until then. Many boards only think about snow removal in the winter.

The decisions and priorities of community association boards govern the daily lives of their residents. But those actions also have a huge impact on selling prices. We asked several city and suburban real estate agents who work in the community association trenches for advice on how boards can.

Step through the revolving front door at Next Apartments, and you ll likely be greeted by the official house dog, Daisy. She s a sweet-natured Newfoundland, and her job is to welcome visitors and residents, give kisses and generally be adorable. Next is a new luxury rental community at 347 W.

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