Mar 23 2020

Modesto Apartment Complex Condemned, Tenants Fear Homelessness, FOX40, apartment complex.

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Modesto Apartment Complex Condemned, Tenants Fear Homelessness

Apartment complex

MODESTO — Modesto residents at one apartment complex are worried they may end up living in the streets after being kicked out of their homes.

Water from a tenants shower upstairs dripped onto the walls of an apartment complex, on a microwave and boxes of food.

Unfortunately, the mold, faulty plumbing and warped floors are much of the same issues in each of the 27 units inside a downtown Modesto apartment complex on Ninth Street.

The City of Modesto ordered the property owner to fix the deplorable conditions in March.

Instead of fixing this mess, the owner ordered the dozens of families who live in the complex to leave within two months.

“The street… ok? I have no place to go. all of these people have no place to go,” James Garrison, a tenant said.

Another tenant, Curtis Harmon, is blind. He may not be able to see but he said, he knows how bad his place is.

“I have a pan right here that’s catching the water that’s up under my sink,” Harmon said as he pointed to a bucket full of fluid under his bathroom sink.

One of the other issues that Harmon and other tenants are dealing with are pests.

FOX40 spotted roaches, insects and rat traps throughout the building.

City officials said they’re working with housing organizations and tenants.

“So that they’re not out on the street. We want to make sure that they have somewhere to go and we’ve been doing a lot of outreach and education to the tenants so that they know their rights,” Amy Vickery, a spokeswoman for the City of Modesto said.

Families also told FOX40, the property owner will not refund their safety deposits which means they’re out $500.

Many fear they’ll soon be homeless.

“It’s a roof over my head for me and my family you know what I mean? It’s better than being on the streets,” Richard Pena, a tenant said.

City officials added, families who believe their living conditions are unfit can call 209-577-5250 for help.​

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