Mar 24 2020

Rent apartment Bucharest – Accommodation Romania, apartment rent.

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apartment rent

Apartment rent

Apartment rent

Apartment rent

Apartment rent

Apartment rent

Romania s capital is one of the most important political, industrial, administrative, cultural, scientific and touristic centres of our country, with more than two million inhabitans.

With its construction and architecture, between the different architectural styles, this city has an old and yet a new trend.

Apartment rent

Apartment rent

Apartment rent

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Apartments Bucharest fully equipped in the best areas in town

They are fully equipped with furniture, kitchenette or full kitchen facilities. We have a wide array of offers, in great locations with the types of amenities that meet a wide range of tastes and needs. The city s downtown is a growing area of lofts, luxury or businesses, and is also home to many of the city s museums, theaters and historic landmarks.

Most of our furnished apartments are located in the centre and of course in the best and in the most desirable areas walking distance from shops, restaurants, and theatres (visit recomended services section).

All our flats and studios are located in central area and near to subway stations.

We fully appreciate this and have worked hard to ensure that each and every person looking to secure the best acommodation gets the service and results that they need.


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